What is Student Work Permit ?

Foreign students studying in Canada can apply for student work permits. A student does not need a work permit as long as they are working on campus. To be eligible for an Off-Campus Work Permits the student needs to be enrolled in full time studies, and have completed at least six months of his/her studies. An Off-Campus Work Permit is a part-time work permit that allows a student to work for up to 20 hours a week while studying.

What is Student Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?

Once a student has completed a program of study, an application for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) can be made, which will provide the student with an open, full time work permit that will enable them to work in any job they can find. These work permits are tied to the duration of the prior term of study and may be valid for up to three years. After working in a skilled occupation for at least one year, students who obtained a PGWP can potentially apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

What is Spousal Work Permits?

Spouses or common-law partners of student or workers in Canada may apply for an open work permit to allow them to work in Canada for the same duration as the study permit or work permit of their spouse or partner.

What is CO-OP work Permit ?

Co-op work permits can only let you work that must be related to your program of study

What is difference between Off Campus vs CO-OP work Permit ?

Off-campus work permits can let you work any type of job as long as your studies are prioritized, while co-op work permits can only let you work that must be related to your program of study. Job Offer........ Pre-Assessed.